Auto Injury

Being in a car accident is a very difficult situation on a number of levels. Our staff understands the many complexities of personal injury cases and we take great pride in managing these cases very thoroughly. We have well-established relationships with local Orthopedists, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, along with local Imaging facilities (MRI, X-ray, CT) which allow us to offer the best and most complete care of an acute traumatic injury.

If you have been involved in an auto accident recently, there are some important decisions your have to make. It is crucial that you make these decisions immediately, and not delay.

It is important that you get examined by the doctor as soon as possible. The findings of your examination need to be documented immediately after your accident to determine the appropriate health care necessary to insure the best recovery. Delays in treatment, even 1 or 2 days, could lead to abnormal healing patterns, with increased adhesions / scarring formation which can complicate your treatment and ultimately affect your recovery.

Make sure you see a doctor that has extensive experience in personal injury cases. One who understands the complexities of the injuries and how to treat them, and one with experience in the legal management of these cases.

Our office may recommend that a patient retain legal counsel in cases of personal injury to help assist in their case with the insurance company. If you have not already retained an attorney, we can provide recommendations for you if needed. Be assured that we will work closely with your attorney to insure that your case is effectively managed and properly documented. We will provide a well-documented report to substantiate your personal injury case to help insure that you receive a fair settlement.

We work with all auto accident injuries.

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