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Our office offers a state-of-the-art pain treatment program that has successfully treated nerve related pain syndromes, as well as those caused by injury, accidents, or arthritic conditions. The SynaptiGenics pain solution is a non-invasive, drug-free, technology that is cleared by the FDA for the relief of acute and chronic pain. This advanced, standalone, electro-medical device generates a sophisticated electronic signal which is unlike any other electro-medical device being utilized at this time. This is not TENS, or a like device. The electrical waves generated by the SynaptiGenics 4000 Pro comfortably reach down through muscle and tissue to stimulate nerve synapses (junctions). This cutting-edge device is also unique in that allows the patient to instantly adjust the intensity of the stimulation via hand held wand. It’s as simple as adjusting the volume on your television! For those who no longer wish to rely on narcotic pain medications, and contend with the associated side-effects, our treatment offers real hope!

For patient’s suffering with Peripheral Neuralgia, this could be the breakthrough treatment you have been waiting for! Not only by improving and/or eliminating the pain and burning associated with this condition, but also by reducing and sometimes eliminating the associated numbness by stimulating the regeneration of small nerve fibers.

"With many of our painful muscle and joint injuries, the SYNAPTIC delivers results superior to conventional electrical stimulation modalites…In some cases of acute and chronic pain, the relief is both dramatic and long lasting.”          
J.Lindsay McLean, ATC, PT Head Athletic Trainer for the San Francisco 49ers

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